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FOURM RULES *UPDATED* Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100FOURM RULES *UPDATED* Right_bar_bleue

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PostSubject: FOURM RULES *UPDATED*   FOURM RULES *UPDATED* Icon_minitimeSun Sep 07, 2008 10:53 am

The New Forum Rules.

1. Multiple forum accounts.
Each user is permitted to have one account, creating another account is not acceptable, if you do have problems accessing your forum account then please contact us, if you make a new account please let us know and we will merge your accounts together. Please also note that if you are found out to have two accounts one of the accounts will be banned immediately.

2. Swearing
This forum has a filter in place. If you are found out to be avoiding that filter, you shall be warned. If you continue an infraction will be given.

3. Do Not Double Post
Double posting is posting 2 messages one after the other. This is not allowed, there is an edit button for a reason use it. If you do double post the second post may be removed by a moderator.

4.Do Not Post Misleading Headings
Don't post Misleading headings, it does get really annoying when people do this. If you Post a Misleading heading you will be warned, if you continue to do so you shall be Infracted by a moderator.

5.Do not advertise other forums.
We do have a forum for showing of your sites however we do ask that you don't advertise other Habbo forums out of common courtesy.

6. Personal Information
We will not accept members posting personal information in threads. Personal information will be deleted without question and you will recieve a PM warning you. 3 Warnings will result in a 1 week ban. Personal Information you must not share:

    Phone Numbers
    Home Address
    Youtube links

RULE 6A - Pictures of yourself
Pictures of yourself are NOT allowed to be posted in Avatars. However we WILL allow you to post pictures of yourself if it is linked to a specific thread/topic. e.g. Cosplay - you are allowed to post pictures of yourself.

7: Do not bully or encourage bullying of users.
We will not tolerate anyone bullying any users, this means doing it via PM, posts or in the shoutbox.
Anyone found bullying other users will receive a week ban, if it continues upon their return then a permanent ban will placed upon their account.

8: Respect all decisions made.
As a general rule, a moderators ruling is final, if you, however feel their decision was unfair then please contact Poochster1 or BlackSheep and we will look into your situation. We will treat every situation as an individual case, please note that you may not like the decision we make however our word is final!

9: Do not post Commercial Advertising.
We do not appreciate commercial advertising, anyone found commercially advertising on this Forum will face serious consequences.
To clarify, commercial advertising is advertising anything that will make you money directly, e.g. Your own hosting site. Posting a link to an established business is allowed, e.g. Asda.

10. Do not use Admin/MOD Commands
You are forbidden to use Admin/MOD commands in any section of the Forum, If you do this will result in a one day ban.

11. Do not post hacking/threatening Links
Do not under any circumstance post dangerous URL's on this Forum, Doing so will result in a Perm ban.

12. Do not be racist.
We strongly are against racism of all forms on this forum. If you are caught being racist a permanent ban will be placed upon your account and you shall be IP banned from the forum. Racism is a serious matter.

13. Do not start arguments.
We do not condone arguing on this forum. If your thread or words on the shoutbox turn into an argument, your thread will get closed. To Confirm. We do NOT condone arguing. However Debating is allowed, that is what a forum is about. Arguing is where insults etc are given out to other users.

14. Do not take the mick out of the way other people look.
If you take the mick out of how a person looks you will be banned for a week.
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