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Agony Aunt
Agony Aunt

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PostSubject: Rules.!   Sat Oct 18, 2008 4:09 pm

*x- i'm here to help with ur problems ... basically ive been through pretty much everythin except murder n i DO mean everythin.... nothin will surprise me makin me an easy listener and simple to tlk to cos i wont be like OMG at everythin u tell me... I'm here to help u thru ur problems and tlk to u about the various things u can do about them.... so no matter wot involvement big or small let me know so i can help cos noone deserves to be alone !!!

*x- Now im not sure how this works exactly ... if somethin is too private tho i cn always giv my e-mail so we can chat in private just let me know

*x- there will be NO offensive content or abuse put forward to anyone involved in this forum

*x- nothing i am told will leave my mouth ... Promise

*x- this place is goin to be a safe place for people to come and seek guidence on eveerythin from education and future aspects to Sex questions

*x- hope u find me helpful (:
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