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 Important Updates! *Please Read*

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PostSubject: Important Updates! *Please Read*   Wed Oct 22, 2008 3:40 pm

Ok. So the Forum will be closed down for some Essential maintenance! (the Halloween theme has put a lot of strain on the server. It's a crap server... but it will be until we get our domain name because it's free Razz.)

During this update a few things will be changing.
1) A new server is going to be installed. This should allow faster loading times and generally more space.
2) All Halloween Topics and forums will be archived!
3)The warning system is being updated! This means that warnings and bans will be more efficient. Though we have decided that the current warnings and bans will be WIPED CLEAN! a fresh start! (especially good for you clooless001!)
4) The Swearing filter has already been updated once this month, however it will be having more updates during this time.
5) The Pm system will be changing! As you may know you get 50 Messages allowed in you Inbox. This will be changing to 10, to save on space.
6) The "Relationships and Sexuality" and "Jobs" Forums are going to be removed as no-one has posted in them. The "News" Category is also going to be removed.
7) As you may know, there is a contact form on the forum. On the links at the bottom use it to contact Admins and moderators. this will be getting updated.

These are the Major things we will be changing. Here are a few minor changes we've made so far:
As you may know, on posts there is now a "Report Post" button. If you see someone breaking the rules (you should know what these are) Please USE IT!

Hope you've noticed... the ChatBox is gone! It will remain disabled because nobody used it.

We're hoping to expand our forum. As we only have 25 Users at the moment. Get as many people to Join as you possibly can and we can make the forum better!

People May see a Donations Button at the bottom. We would appreciate it if people could donate to the forum. the money you donate will be put towards a Domain name (which costs 16) and other things that will benefit you.

This One Applies to the Moderators:
YOU CAN NOW BAN PEOPLE! Yes Moderators now have the Power to ban people. However if you are banned by a moderator and No reason is given or you do not understand why, use the Contact us Form at the bottom of the Page and an Admin will look into your case. (An Admin checks the Contact Page every day)

Now That was a long Post!!

*NOTE* Maintenance Day will be 24th October (so the forum is up for BlackSheep's Birthday!)
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Important Updates! *Please Read*
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