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 The New Warning System!

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PostSubject: The New Warning System!   Sat Oct 25, 2008 2:12 pm

Yes, it is finally here. The new warning system that i installed myself today (i'm so proud of myself Razz!)

So what is this new Warning system? Well orginally we had to write your warnings down on a bit of paper. Then the Warning system was updated, and warnings were recorded in the Admin Comment box on your profile!

But Now... It's been updated and the warning system now appears in your posts! Yes! Go onto any of the forum, look underneath the avatar and you will see a bar saying Warning System. (0/100) Every time you recieve a warning, the Bar will move up by so many points depending on which rule you broke! When the Warning Meter gets full... then your Banned for 1 Day!!

PLEASE NOTE! If ou think you have been unfairly wanred or too many points have been added., Please Pm BlackSheep or Poochster1 with the link to the post.

This does seem a little Hazy... so feel free to check it out yourself! (Yes Admins also have The Warning System!!)

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The New Warning System!
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